Around the World for the 1st time [Day 2] Sagrada Familia when I open the window

Around the World for the 1st time [Day 2] Sagrada Familia when I open the window


Sagrada Familia

The day before, it was so dark that I could only see the silhouette of the Sagrada Familia in front of me, but when I woke up in the morning and opened the window, I saw the Sagrada Familia in front of me! I woke up in the morning and opened the window to see the Sagrada Familia right in front of my eyes! First, we bought tickets. The Sagrada Familia has two towers, the Passion Tower and the Birth Tower, and you can take the elevator up to the top. At the ticket booth, I told them in English that I wanted to go to the Tower of the Birth, but they ignored me and gave me a ticket for the Passion Tower. Mukah!

I have had an aversion to Christianity since I was a small child. And I found the reason why I dislike Christianity during my world travels. It is because England and Spain used it to overrun countries and cultures all over the world. Everywhere you go in the world, there are churches. Even in Rapa Nui! They destroy the local culture and use Christianity to override and dominate their own culture. That’s how Xavier came to Japan. Nobunaga fought against Christianity and he is enshrined in the best place in Kyoto, Kenkun Shrine.

So, although Sagrada Familia and Jesus Christ himself are not to blame, it is inevitably unpleasant. But I made a conscious effort to separate that and appreciate the architectural beauty. However, I originally grew up in the mountains. I like the great outdoors, and I am not good at man-made things.

I wonder why Christ was nailed to the cross for so long? It’s painful just to look at him. Why don’t they just take him down…. Come to think of it, I once saw the movie “Passion” because I wanted to see something scary. It was just a terrible movie about Jesus being tortured and crucified and resurrected. A few sisters were watching in front of me and they were crying as they left.

Elevator to the observation deck

Then we went to the Passion Tower and took the elevator to the top. There were lockers for luggage at the boarding area. The top was narrow and seemed to be in the way if you had large luggage, but it sure was.

Spiral staircase

We arrived at the top. When the elevator doors opened, we came up quite high, over 100 meters I think. After taking in the view from the observation deck above, the rest of the way down is a spiral staircase. I took a picture of this spiral staircase with my arm outstretched, but there is no net. Even the escalators in department stores have nets, but it was a little scary that there was no net in the space that was a 100 meters below the escalator. When I reached the bottom of the spiral staircase, I felt a little accomplished. Like Lao, I pointed to the heavens and took a picture.

We left the spiral staircase room and went to the restroom. Apparently there is no restroom in the building, and it was provided outside in a prefabricated form. But it was quite clean. When I went to the basement, I found a museum where miniatures and blueprints were on display. Returning to the ground level, I looked around the souvenir store.

After enjoying the Sagrada Familia, we went outside. In the plaza, street performers were making big soap bubbles. When it was sunny, it became hot even in the middle of winter, and I was dressed in a T-shirt.

City Tour by Hopping Bus

Then we got on a hopping bus and went sightseeing in Barcelona. There was a Serie A stadium, but I had no interest in soccer and only gave it a passing glance. What a luxury! It was cold on the second floor of the roofless bus! The L.L.Bean jumper I bought for my trip around the world worked great.

The text written by the mermaid was left on my PC, so I pasted it below

Why are the clouds so thick in England?
I’d like to get rid of those clouds, but that’s none of my business.

Today, I went to Barcelona.
We spent the day around the Sagrada Familia.

I heard that it has been 130 years since the construction of the Sagrada Familia began.
I visited there 5 or 6 years ago.
At that time, the whole building was under construction.
The man at the construction site was sitting there chatting with me.
I remember that I didn’t move my hands.

The Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s masterpiece,
Gaudi was very lonely when he built it.
He had no friends, no family, no possessions, nothing.
That is why he was able to devote himself completely to the cathedral.
Besides, Mr. Gaudi has a good point.
He said, “Take your time with the Sagrada Familia, we are not in a hurry.
I’m not in a hurry.

I have a tendency to live my life in a forward-looking way,
I got this message from Mr. Gaudi,

There is a hill called Montjuïc in the west of Barcelona,
There is a lot of greenery here, and Miro’s museum is there,
There is a museum of Miró, and Gaudi said, “What man makes is beyond God.
Gaudí said, “What man makes must not exceed God.
That is why the Sagrada Familia is 3 meters lower than this hill.

Shaw? o abite itara, haisui-kan ga tsumatte mizu ga yuka ni afuremashita. Fukitori no tame no taoru o tairy? ni kudasai.

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