Around the World for the 1st time [Day 28] Los Angeles

Around the world for the 1st time [Day 28] Los Angeles

Index Arena

We went to see an NBA game. We booked online the day before, captured the voucher on our phone and took it with us. The receptionist told me to go over there and get a physical ticket (meaning a paper ticket) issued. I got a bit lost, not knowing where it was, but managed to get a physical ticket. To enter, your baggage is X-rayed. This is unthinkable in Japan, but that’s the way it is in this country. I am not a fan of either team, nor do I like the NBA, but I was able to enjoy the atmosphere.


Take the train to Santa Monica, which takes about an hour. Play with seagulls on the beach and have dinner at a restaurant. This restaurant is very busy and seats fill up one after the other. After dinner, we strolled around the city at night and returned to the hotel.

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