Around the World for the 1st time [Day 23] Salar de Uyuni ⇒ La Paz

Around the World for the 1st time [Day 23] Salar de Uyuni ⇒ La Paz


La Joya Andina International Airport ⇒ El Alto International Airport

We enjoyed the Salar de Uyuni! It was also a great opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues such as the waste and filth produced by tourists. Today we are heading to La Paz. Take a taxi from the airport and check into the hotel.

Explore the city of La Paz

The hotel is located on a busy street and is very lively. We immediately went for a walk around the city. We were hungry, so we found a Chinese restaurant and went in. We sat down and called for the waiter, but he looked at us in the back, grinning and making fun of us, and didn’t come. I guess they don’t like Japanese people. We were I was disgusted by this attitude and left the restaurant. It was the first time I had been discriminated against in a foreign country, but I was only pissed off for a moment and didn’t think anything of it.

Small restaurant thriving with locals

There was a small restaurant run by a mother and we went in there. The boy came home from school and were very interested in my digital camera, so I lent it to them and he started snapping pictures of his mother and us, which was cute, so we played with it for a bit. “You, stop it and do your homework!” she said to her son, he reluctantly did his homework at a table in the restaurant. I forget what we ate, but it was delicious.

Japanese food restaurant Ken-chan

For dinner we walked to a restaurant called Ken-chan, where we could eat Japanese food – our month-long world trip is coming to an end and the two of us are very hungry for Japanese food. Then they spotted the Ken-chan sign! It was on the second floor of a small building. Up the stairs, a security guard stands in the doorway of Ken-chan’s restaurant. Security is strict.

When we entered the shop, we found manga on the shelves and a voice saying “Irasshaimase” (Welcome!). There were a few Japanese customers at other tables who were hungry for Japanese food, so we talked about things like “I miss Japanese food, don’t you! We had a good time talking about such things as “I miss Japanese food! It was refreshing to speak Japanese with people other than mermaids for the first time in a while.

I was impressed by the oshibori (hand towel), chopsticks (and chopstick rests!). I was impressed by the oshibori and chopsticks (and chopstick rests!). I was impressed by the oshibori (hand towels) and chopsticks (chopstick rests!).

Despite the difficulty in getting the right ingredients I guess, the quality of the food was just as good as it tastes in Japan.

The city is a mess of countless power lines. I hope they don’t short-circuit and catch fire.

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