Around the World for the 1st time [Day 24] La Paz

Around the World for the 1st time [Day 24] La Paz


Moon Valley

This is the view from the hotel window. Today, at Mermaid’s suggestion, we decided to go to the Moon Valley. The inn is family-run, and the mother kindly told us how to get to the Moon Valley, called a taxi and explained our situation to the driver. Mermaid speaks a little Spanish, so she and her mother communicated in Spanish. I don’t understand Spanish, so I’m very reliable.

We arrived at the Moon Valley in about 40 minutes. It is indeed like the land of the moon, with a barren rock face that rises up. There is a route and we never got lost. I thought that the craters on the surface of the moon had been reproduced, but it was just a barren valley with rough rock surfaces. I saw some good things.

After leaving the Moon Valley, we took a bus back to the city for a walk. There were a number of buildings that looked like they were about to fall down.

Japanese food restaurant Ken-chan again!

For lunch, we went to Ken-chan, where we came yesterday! I ordered yakisoba. Mermaid ordered the natto maki set. It was really delicious.

Ropeway to summit city

The city of La Paz is in the shape of a mortar, and you can take a cable car up to the bowl. I was scared because I heard it wasn’t safe, but we decided to go for it. The view is great! When we got to the top, we bought some drinks at a supermarket. The mermaid gave a large unit of money at the cash register, but she didn’t have any change. The mermaid said, “I didn’t get any change. You took out this note, didn’t you? It’s wrong, isn’t it?” I could understand them when she spoke in Japanese. The mermaid’s bargaining power beyond words is truly amazing.

I wanted to see the night view, so we hung around until nightfall. There are many dogs here too. And all the dogs are large and drooling. They didn’t bite or jump on us, so nothing special happened as long as we ignored them.

The city of La Paz

coca tea

Back at the inn, take a break with a cup of coca tea. Really tasty!

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