Around the world for the 1st time [Day 5] Madrid ⇒ Santiago (Republic of Chile)

Around the world for the 1st time [Day 5] Madrid ⇒ Santiago (Republic of Chile)


Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport

We checked out of the hotel and went to Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport. Then, after checking in our luggage, we have dinner in the lounge and take a shower. Traveling business class is really convenient because we can use the lounge. Even if I don’t have a business class ticket, it’s okay because I have Priority Pass. But showers overseas are difficult to use. I can’t say it’s a luxury, though!

We entered the plane, and I felt at ease. On my several trips around the world, when I was in the lounge and feeling relaxed, I heard a faint “Mr. Ohata… Mrs. Tachikawa…” over the lounge, and when I looked at the boarding time, I realized that it was already past. I ran for my life and made it in time, but I learned that if you are not careful in the lounge, you can miss your flight, so be sure to know where the boarding gates are.

The most drastic event of this world trip for me was the sharp angle move from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. I had experienced the southern hemisphere in the past in Bali and Singapore, but this time I crossed the equator and zoomed south! And then to the south. So the scenery from the plane was dizzying, and it was a great experience. To begin with, on long flights, even if it is bright outside, the cabin is darkened with the shades down, and since sleeping time is provided, it is a strange place where you cannot even tell if it is day or night outside unless you lift the shades. I remember that the flight map at this time made me feel that I was traveling around the world.

I don’t understand the immigration card at all because the items are in Spanish. I wrote mine based on the one written by a mermaid who understands a little Spanish. This immigration card is totally different from country to country, but I wish all countries would unify it to the same one. It is really troublesome and I wonder if it is even worthwhile to write it down….

Santiago Airport

We took a cab from the airport and arrived at the hotel in about 30 minutes. The hotel was a simple one, a room of the lessor in a small building, and a part of the room was open to the public as an inn. The room immediately behind us was the landlord’s residence, so we felt safe. The view from the balcony of the inn is urban.

Get a guided tour of Santiago

A nice young man working at the inn (I forgot his name) showed us around town. Although Spanish is the official language in Chile, he was very fluent in English and we had no trouble conversing with him. All right, perfect” is what he always says. He was so kind and enthusiastic in showing us around the city, and his love for the area was so palpable that he jumped up and down when we bounced him a tip. He had never expected to receive a tip in the first place. Seeing that made me happy, too, and we were both happy. This kind of thing is good, isn’t it? His kindness was well received and the hotel received a commendation. The documents he is holding in his hands are the certificate of commendation.

Cueca” as seen in the restaurant

On the lower floor of the building where the inn is located, there was an esthetic salon. The sign read “Depilate” in Spanish. I took a nap until nighttime and went out to eat dinner alone in the city. I don’t remember if the mermaid was tired and resting at the inn or if she went her own separate way, but I remember I was all alone. It was spicy and very tasty! In the restaurant, a performer was doing a courtship dance called Cueca, and a man who looked like the owner of the restaurant was watching with satisfaction at the table next to mine.

I took a video and uploaded it to YouTube.

I saw good things, but I had to pay a tip…. Well, tipping is not an option when abroad. Today I experienced a drastic flight from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, and I am exhausted from walking around the city. I am so happy to sleep well after a long day of playing. It was literally like a “dream” that I was in Spain in the morning and in Chile at night.

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